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"Sevenfold" Blue: Pride

Color: Blue
Sin: Pride
Chapter Title: Into the Woods (29 of 49)
Word Count:
Disclaimer: Not mine

Blue: Pride

“I don’t believe this,” Jounouchi said, his tone dripping with disgust. “This was the worst trip ever. The worst.”

“I’m so tired,” Yugi sighed. “Can we go home?”

Honda looked at his watch. “Yeah, yeah, of course Yugi, but…” He looked around, his brows furrowed. “Where’s Anzu?”
“We’re lost.”

Kaiba gave the girl beside him a sharp glare. “No, Mazaki,” he spat, “we are not lost.”

Anzu rolled her eyes, frowning to herself. If he insisted on being stubborn there wasn’t a great deal she could do to stop him and she cursed herself a thousand times for following him instead of staying with the boys. She took off her blue backpack and set it on the ground. “Okay, then, Kaiba-kun,” she said, trying hard to keep the bite out of her tone. She sat down on her backpack, fishing out a bottle of water. “If we’re not lost… where are we?”

He was a genius and he’d obviously brought the most expensive – if perhaps not best - equipment with him.

His lips pursed and Anzu felt more than a little smug. “I should have stayed with the boys,” she muttered. “Oh, I hope they’re not worried about me.” Yugi would be, she was certain; Honda maybe, and Jounouchi would probably be worried because she’d packed in extra sandwich in her pack. She wrinkled her nose, laughing to herself at her good-natured teasing.

“Of course they’re not worried,” Kaiba responded. She was a bit surprised; she hadn’t thought he’d been listening. “You’re with me.”

Anzu bit back a sigh. That would be precisely why they would be worried.

He stopped his examination of some piece of electronics and turned to look at her, his eyes holding a shrewd sort of light that made Anzu uncomfortable. “And that brings up the question,” he said, speaking more to himself than to her, “why are you with me when your little friends came along, as well. Hmm…”

Anzu shrugged, trying to appear as casual as she could. “You were all alone,” she explained. “I thought you might want the company.” He stared at her for just a moment longer; Anzu couldn’t tell if he believed her or not.

He grunted lightly. “You were wrong. I don’t.”

“You know,” she said suddenly, inexplicably irritated, “you don’t have to be so stubborn. Too proud to admit you’re lonely, too proud to admit we’re lost… !” She crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.

He returned it with a glare of his own, the unmistakable glint of pride in his deep eyes. “I might actually be insulted if I cared enough to listen to you, Mazaki,” he said arrogantly, shifting to a more aggressive stance, his shoulders set and his feet apart. “Besides, if you’re so worried we’re lost…” He said the word like it was poison. “Why don’t you just call your precious Yugi to come and get you?”

It was true, she did have her cell phone with her, in the pocket of her denim skirt, and she tapped it thoughtfully as she stared off into nothing. The truth was she was just as proud as he was; even though she knew they were lost, she certainly wasn’t happy about it, and there was no way that she was giving Kaiba the satisfaction of seeing her give up.

“Nope,” she said, hopping up and giving him a smug grin. “If you can find your way back, then so can I. And at least I know when to admit I’m lost.” She laughed a little, momentarily dropping the act. “And really,” she said playfully, “I don’t think any of them have much of sense of direction, anyway.” She picked up her backpack again and made a show of putting it on. He was watching her, she knew, she could feel it, and she slipped the navy straps over her shoulders self-consciously; she couldn’t let him see her sweat. “Are we going to keep going?” she asked, injecting impatience into her voice.

Kaiba’s eyes narrowed, but reluctantly he assented and they started off once again. He glanced down at the compass he’d gotten out, moving it around almost futilely, trying to keep it out of her sight.

So he could design incredibly intricate software, but ask the boy to read a compass? Anzu shook her head, but didn’t say anything. She just smiled and flounced onwards, Kaiba grumbling to himself as he slowly followed behind.


OH MY GOSH, I'M STILL HERE. Ha - yes, this is a real chapter. I'm going to work my hardest to get "Blue" finished by the end of January.
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