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A community to keep me organized and celebrate the awesomeness that is writing.

where sarcasm and writing go hand in hand

Fics from Firefly feat. River Tam/Jayne Cobb
-Me @ Pretty Deadly
-all Rayne-fic here
-all Suitor-Verse stories
-String Theory
-rayne_exchange: a Rayne fic exchange comm I help mod
Fics from Yu-Gi-Oh! feat. Seto Kaiba/Anzu Mazaki
-Lifestyles of the Rich and the Arrogant
-In Case of Emergency
-all Azureshipping One Shots
-all Azure fic here
-Me @ Dragonfayth
-Fic Journal: an_ardent_rain
-Original Stories Journal: 8leggdbutterfly
-Me @ FF.net
-My Beta-Reader Profile @ Perfect Imagination
-2by2fics: a Firefly writing comm I help mod
-Request post
-housegift: a House fic exchange comm I mod
I'm a short, neurotic bibliophile who writes more than she sleeps. Currently, I'm an unemployed college student with the vicious jaws of school snapping at my poor, unprotected brain. I'm rather reserved, painfully sarcastic, and somewhat cynical, but as long as a person is nice I'm very friendly.

Obviously I love to write. Heh. Feel free to surf through this comm for anything you'd like to read. I have tags for character, fandom, fic, genre, length, misc., one shot, pairing, rating, and warning. The fandoms above are the ones I deal in the most, but I have quite a few stories in other fandoms, as well. Feel free to watch; that's always very, very flattering to me.

As far as FEEDBACK:
Of course I love feedback: praise, constructive criticism, just a little quick note - whatever. No matter what you say I promise I'll respond! It's the least I can do to show my gratitude! :)
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